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Physique Collective is NO ORDINARY fitness app.

We are an exclusive members club for bodybuilders, athletes and fitness fanatics who understand that being the best means staying one step ahead of the competition.

What is THE physique Collective?

What is THE physique Collective?

We are a community of like-minded people looking to take our physiques, performance and competitive edge to the next level.

Our coaches – Christian, Gareth, Joe and Matt, created this game-changing platform as the antidote to the never-ending cycle of broscience nonsense that we see doing so much harm in the community we love.

The Physique Collective membership combines all our knowledge, experience and wisdom about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle into an app for you to access at any time.


real science, real results.

We understand that not everyone has the time or training to sort through academic journal articles, data analyses and research papers. But this is where 99% of actual performance-enhancing knowledge is found (not from some dude in the gym).

Most guys just end up hopelessly scrolling through forums and reading 17 different opinions on how to structure your diet and getting in arguments about whether carbs before bed are a good thing.

We know how frustrating this can be. So, we do the legwork for you.

Our coaches are continuously updating the database with easy to understand information and advice on how to put this into practice in real life.

We pump the app full of the latest cutting edge science, expert advice and insider tips that you need to stay ahead of the game.


join in a proper conversation.

If that wasn’t enough and you need a more specific answer, jump into our forum and ask one of our expert coaches or other members anything you need to know.

We aren’t just another bodybuilding forum full of arguments, bad advice and broscience. When you join Physique Collective, you’ll be joining a supportive bodybuilding community that cuts out all the bullsh*t and is dedicated to getting REAL results, with REAL science by REAL experts.

Our forums are moderated and overseen by some of the top bodybuilding and fitness coaches in the WORLD.

So, whether you want to compete in bodybuilding (or already compete), want to fast track your fitness goals or simply want access to reliable and responsibly sourced health and nutrition information – Physique Collective is the app for you!

No-nonsense answers.

The amount of conflicting information online is mind-blowing. Stop listening to all the noise and be part of an exclusive forum, overseen by some of the top coaches in the world.

Any bodybuilding or fitness related questions can be asked and replied to rapidly. Nothing is off the table and our community is most helpful, honest and respectful you’ll find anywhere online.

You’ll also have the benefit of being able to search through all our old, detailed threads packed full of expert information that will take your own knowledge and training to the next level.

Our massive database also contains in-depth, advanced videos about pretty much anything you could think of. We have content and guides on running your first cycles, advanced anabolic use, in-depth nutrition, training principles, and so much more. 

want a Bodybuilding masterclass?

If you want to listen to our top coaches discuss anabolics, diet and training principles then make sure you clear your schedule, get a pen and paper, and get stuck in!

You will get access to our massive video database, which is growing weekly, with topics for beginners, intermediates, and advanced trainers.  

meet the team.

Hi, we’re the four Directors of the Physique Collective.

We all have a wealth of experience physique coaching and have collectively transformed over 1000+ physiques over the last few years.

Our combined years of experience and background will help you maximize your progression at whatever level.

Bodybuilding and fitness are our passions, and we love helping people transform themselves.

We have already worked with more than 100+ clients ranging from average gym-goers to competitive bodybuilders.

Our coaching principles follow a scientific, evidence-based approach.

We believe this is why we get the insane results we do.






per month

Full access to the phone application

100s of educational videos

Access to the forum




per year

Full access to the phone application

100s of educational videos

Access to the forum




Lifetime Access

Full access to the phone application

100s of educational videos (being added to weekly)

Access to the forum

Early access to our in person seminars and live events


How often are videos uploaded?

We aim to put out between 2-4 videos per week with 1-3 of these being educational content to further your coaching skillset or increase your own knowledge

How does the forum work?

We have a number of sections covering training, nutrition, peds, athlete logs and our ever popular Q&A threads where people can ask questions and get answered from our coaches

What topics are there?

Everything related to physique development – training, nutrition, peds, mindset, neuroscience

What if I need to cancel?

Drop us a message